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Download 26 pages of positive affirmations that will help you cultivate self-love, confidence, and inner peace.

With Our Positive Affirmations Guide You Will:

  • Learn how to shift your energy, attract love and abundance into your life.
  • Reduce your stress levels and improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Get 150+ affirmations for finding peace within yourself, your career and your partnerships.

A note from Krista and Lindsey...

Our mind is so powerful! Our thoughts and beliefs can shape our reality, shift our energy, affect our bodies and attract love, abundance, and peace into our lives. To ‘affirm’ is to strongly and positively state something as fact, so simply put, an affirmation is a firm declaration of a positive thought. Affirmations raise our vibration so we can magnetize what we desire.

We’ve been integrating affirmations into our daily spiritual practice for years, and it has made such a profound difference for us when it comes to positivity, confidence, and inner peace. We put together this guide to share some of our favorite affirmations. In these pages, you’ll find 150+ affirmations for everything from body love, to career, to partnerships, and more. We’ve broken them into categories so you can easily find what calls to you. It’s our intention and deepest hope that some of these resonate with you (take what resonates, leave what doesn’t).

Spread that positivity around!! With so much love,

Here for you always, K + L